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Big Head Club

We are an NFT studio experimenting with crypto creativity from the contract to the collector


Stoner Cats

NFT Gated Episodic Video Content
  • Stoner Cats Website
  • Open Sea
  • Looksrare

Be a part of the magic. Fund the content you want to watch. That’s what we’re doing with Stoner Cats. Purchase one of our collectible NFTs to watch the new series of animated shorts from Mila Kunis and friends, including the creative forces behind Toy Story 2, Spider-Verse, Happy Feet, and much more.


Oni Ronin: Ascension

The Bravery Mechanic
  • Onironin Website
  • Open Sea
  • Looksrare

A new NFT mechanic that tries to tie the owner to the experience of the bravery associated with the historical figures celebrated in the NFTs. 1% of Oni Ronin NFTs conceal a Golden Ronin inside, and the only way for collectors to find out if theirs does is by sending their Oni to the Trial of Ascension. However, if it doesn’t, the collector loses their unique Oni Ronin, and it is replaced with a Fallen Ronin, which has non-unique traits.


Ghostbusters: Afterlife

NFTs that move through wallet walls
  • Ghostbusters Website
  • Open Sea
  • Looksrare

Travelling NFTs that visit collectors' wallets, but don’t stay unless they are captured. To have the travelling NFT visit their wallet the collector needs to have a beacon NFT that attracts it. After a minimum of 250 blocks, the travelling NFT leaves unless the wallet owner uses one of the consumable trap NFTs to capture it.

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